Who are we?

We are a network of assistant and associate professors exchanging experiences and ideas, defining common interests, working on common roadmaps on ICT research and education in The Netherlands, and jointly influencing the national and international ICT agenda. The importance of creating these multidisciplinary liaisons lies in the conviction that in order to keep making impact, also in the decades to come, the field has to know how to find each other and actively work together.

Our network was initiated by 4TU.NIRICT and COMMIT, participants come from the VU, UVA, Radboud University, Utrecht University, TU Delft, UTwente and TU Eindhoven, which makes it a very diverse group covering more than half of all Dutch universities. We regularly organizes offline and online meetings and get-together for our members.

During ICT.Open 2017, ICTng presented a first public statement in response to the five point plan from IPN to IPN chairmen Maarten van Steen. In general we support the plan from IPN but we emphasize that the next generation should be taken front and center when further developing this plan. This event also signaled the launch of our new website and LinkedIn-community. In the next period we will expand our network and work towards more common statements from all assistant and associate professors in our network.

Why did you join?

Przemek Pawelczak

To help bring all bright young academic ICT minds of the Netherlands together. Take part in creating a unique crowd of people stimulating broad ICT cross-interaction, from applications, heavy electronics up to programming and theoretical ICT work.

Cynthia Liem

To connect with the colleagues I otherwise would not meet regularly, but who actively shape the future generations of ICT research and ICT professionals as I try to do. Together, we can achieve better visibility and real impact for the field.

Ronald Poppe

To meet and be inspired by other ICT researchers to make the Dutch ICT future brighter.

Zekeriya Erkin

I see a great opportunity to improve ICT research and education in collaboration with colleagues who are as enthusiastic as I am to have a positive impact.

Sander Stuijk

I would like to bring like-minded young academics in the field of ICT research and education together. To share ideas and to make great plans for the future of our inspiring field.

Patty Stabile

I joined ICTng, since I was thrilled by the idea to be part of a group of talented researchers working in the field of Information and Communication Technology, that can stimulate new ideas and make impact on next generation research and educational network in The Netherlands.

Nirvana Meratnia

To help giving back the ICT research and education the value, importance, and significance it deserves and to help ICT to be re-cognized as an important theme in the strategic research agendas and funding programs.


Are you an assistant or associate professors at a university in The Netherlands working on ICT research and interested in joining our initiative? You can register yourself for this network by joining our LinkedIn ICTng group


Cynthia Liem, chair

Przemek Pawelczak, vice-chair

Sander Stuijk

Zekeriya Erkin

Nirvana Meratnia