ICTng Summer Newsletter

Summary of ICTng Summer event

On July 4, we had a successful Summer event in Utrecht, including speakers from NWO and industry. Please see this folder for an event summary, slides and pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EHri95w1iiGhDqbYQmZrsvkdstDN49ax?usp=sharing . Many thanks to our colleagues Neil Yorke-Smith and Jan Rellermeyer for having organized the event!

ICTng now Extraordinary Member of IPN

To strengthen the visibility and connectivity of ICTng, we have been reaching out to IPN, the national ICT-research platform of the Netherlands. IPN has now agreed to admit ICTng as an Extraordinary Member to their meetings, on two conditions: (1) ICTng should help IPN with community building, and (2) ICTng should demonstrate it has active members in all Dutch universities performing ICT research.

Call for mentoring interest

Regarding point (1) above, ICTng already was working on setting up a national mentoring program for junior faculty.

Anchor call/announcements

Regarding point (2) above, we are currently setting up active local ICTng satellites at all universities in the country. For this, we are looking for colleagues willing to become anchor representatives at their universities; these will be our first contact points for any IPN/ICTng-related news and calls, but also the go-to people in case any local colleagues have IPN/ICTng-related questions.

We are happy to already announce the following anchors:
  • CWI: Davide Ceolin
  • Delft University of Technology: Cynthia Liem
  • Leiden University: Arianna Bisazza and Matthijs van Leeuwen
  • University of Amsterdam: Efstratios Gavves

In case your university is not yet represented above, **please consider becoming an anchor representative**. Please send your interest to info@ictng.nl ; towards the end of August, we will reach out for concrete follow-up activities.

Further follow-up

From our first meeting at IPN, we had positive impressions; one active upcoming discussion point will be career trajectories, and for this, IPN would be very happy to have ICTng as a sounding board.

For those reading Dutch: our IPN entrance also got extra attention through an interview in the I/O magazine: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ict-next-generation-laat-van-zich-horen-commit-nl/?published=t

ICTng Summer Event Registration

We will have the next ICTng event in Utrecht on July 4th on the topic of career development and valorization. We are expecting a speaker from NWO and will have a panel of industry representatives from companies that regularly collaborate with academia (including IBM and Thales) to present their areas of work and discuss their view on successful collaboration. After the program, we will close the day with a networking reception.

Please use the link below register for the event and forward this message to colleagues who might be interested in it but are not on our mailing list because they did not attend ICTng events so far.


Save the date: ICT.OPEN

On Monday, March 19 and Tuesday, March 20 2018, ICT.OPEN, the biggest national ICT event of the year, will take place in De Flint in Amersfoort. In case this event is not yet in your agenda, please add it and register soon, as this is a great moment to meet and network with national colleagues! We’d like to ask you to especially save the late afternoon of Monday 19th, as this will be when ICTng will organize networking drinks. Stay tuned for further updates!

Report from the ICTng networking meeting on November 17th

On November 17, 2017, ICTng organized an all-day networking meeting for its members in Utrecht. You can find a summary report of this event, together with main discussion outcomes, in this document.

Call for community actions

We wish to ask for community support regarding the following actions:

Resources. New members to the community often have a hard time finding their way around in the Dutch university and research ecosystems. It is primarily a university’s task to support in this, but ICTng can partially support by collecting an overview of resources that will be helpful to the broader community. As a first example for this, we would like to draw your attention to a recently published slidedeck with Tips on Writing Personal Grant Proposals in ICT by Marieke Huisman and Inald Lagendijk, to which several grant laureates in our country contributed. If know of any resources (e.g. how-to’s, examples, tutorials) that helped you in your career and daily work, and that publicly can be shared, please let us know through this suggestion form.

Initiation of a mentoring program. At our past networking meeting, many members expressed interest in a mentoring program, involving senior members of our national research community. ICTng will be happy to initiate this, although there is not sufficient capacity within the board to assume full organization of this. We therefore would like to ask the community for help regarding three points:

  • - Indicating interest in organizational support for a mentoring program.
  • - Identify suitable senior mentors, ask them if they would be willing to potentially join a mentoring program, and nominating them if they agree.
  • - Indicating interest in being mentored.
For this, please use this form. At the upcoming ICT.OPEN event on 19-20 March, based on received responses, we plan to further discuss the mentoring plans with those interested.

ICTng presidency update

Recently, the ICTng core team performed an internal organizational change. In 2018, Cynthia Liem will take up the ICTng President position, and Przemek Pawelczak (who was the past President) will take up Vice President position. Presidency will be assumed for one year, starting in January; in the following year, for continuity, the past year’s President will become Vice President, and a new President will be elected by the community.

Starting in February, the ICTng core team will meet every two months, on the third Monday of the month. Consequent updates towards the community will primarily be conducted through LinkedIn, and incidentally be sent over e-mail. ICTng members are welcome to bring up topics for discussion through info@ictng.nl or on LinkedIn.

Beyond Cynthia and Przemek, we currently have three more core team members, who all actively maintain connections to neighboring professional networks: Sander Stuijk as a board member of 4TU.NIRICT, Nirvana Meratnia as a member of IPN, Zeki Erkin as a board member of CSng (www.csng.nl).

Interested community members are welcome to nominate themselves to join the core team, and/or candidate as President for 2019. We will put out a call for candidacy this Fall; feel free to reach out to info@ictng.nl in case you have questions.